The Best of
Both Worlds

Plug and Play is a special kind of recruitment service.

We offer the customization of an in-house recruiter with the expertise and speed of an external professional. Plug&Play Talent is more than a recruitment agency. Although we specialize in filling senior, hard-to-find roles, we offer a full complement of talent solutions, including recruiter training and talent branding. We are senior talent experts that you can plug in to assist your internal team, or, if you’re a smaller organization, we can be your team right from the beginning. We customize our services to fit your business needs.

Why Us
  • 10,000 hours spent recruiting
  • 500+ roles filled
  • 40+ C-suite executives hired
  • 14 countries recruitment experience
  • 4 sales teams built from scratch
  • 3 talent brands built
  • Top 10% LinkedIn Recruiter 2017 in North America

Our Services

Plug and Play Talent is a recruitment service that adjusts to your specific talent acquisition challenges.

Recruiter On Demand

Best for startups and growing companies

You have open roles. You need to fill them. Maybe it is one difficult role or maybe it is a whole sales team. We can help.

Head of Talent On Demand

Best for internal talent acquisition teams.

Subscription-based service where we serve as your temporary Talent department.

Sourcing Hit List

Best for agencies and internal talent acquisition teams

Get a list of passive or qualified candidates from us and do the rest yourself.


Perfect for everyone.

Do a talent audit, train an elite force of recruiters, implement metrics, install an ATS, cover a vacation, build a structured interview process or set up recruitment from scratch. Or do a bit of everything. Together we can make a plan to suit your exact needs.

Message from the CEO

Every start-up CEO knows they are in a talent war. Everyone wants to hire great people but top performers are rare and the market is competitive. So who will win the war?

Internal recruiters and human resource departments typically do not have the time or the exposure to the market to find the best possible talent. They in turn hire outside agents who most often lack an understanding of the history, heart and culture of the company or the nuances of the roles that need to be filled.

In my career, I have played both the role of an internal recruiter and agent. As the Head of Talent of a hyper-growth start-up I needed assistance from someone who would understand the culture and context of the hires and who could work seamlessly with my internal teams, adding value beyond JUST ‘filling seats’.

I wanted a plug and play talent professional.

I couldn't find that person, so I became one.

Marija Vukic, MHRM, CEO

Our Clients

Plug and Play Talent has worked with a diverse group of clients spanning digital media, tech, consulting and financial services.
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Our mission is to help start-ups with their hiring. Your consultation will always be free of charge and free of false promises.

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